Water Quality

We have conducted statewide water quality investigations.  See example…

Examples of our work includes:

  • salinity assessments in the Campaspe, Goulburn and Loddon Rivers
  • nutrient and algal monitoring in the Little Murray River
  • oxygen depletion in the deep pools of the Yarra River
  • urban stream turbidity



water 1

Yarra River investigation

Water quality study conducted during the summer of 2009/10.  Monitoring found low dissolved oxygen concentrations throughout the water column in the deeper pools of the Yarra River.  Further investigation has been undertaken during the summer of 2015/2016 with continuous water quality monitoring within Yarra Bend Park.

Werribee River estuary study

Several different streamflows in the winter and spring of 2012/2013 were targeted for water quality monitoring in the Werribee River estuary.  Recommendations prompted by the study have assisted with the provision of attraction flows for diadromous fish passage into the freshwater reaches of the Werribee River, an aspect overlooked in the development of environmental flows for the estuary.



Diamond Creek study

Water quality data collected from the Diamond Creek catchment in the Yarra River Basin contributed to the assessment of waterways under the Melbourne Water Healthy Waterways Program.